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    Vive la tapisserie !

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    La pancarte du mois !

  • Les griffeurs

  • Les chouchous

Les dernières pancartes

  • *** Luna ***

    Ca c’est parce que le linge sent bon 🙂

    « I’m Luna and I like to bed in the laundry just washed by mum … and creased !


  • *** Mélisse ***


    Bonne soirée avec la Mélisse, la chouchoute à son papa. 🙂

    « Hello, I’m Mélisse, the dad’s favorite. I don’t make a lot of silly things. I love to do some figures, like jump wall to wall in the flat, I run fast. I like to take up space in the bed. I love to have hugs and be pampered. I’m a good girl. Kiss <3 »

  • *** Garfield ***


    C’est pas gentil… mais avec cette bouille, on lui pardonne non ? 🙂

    « My name is Garfield. My hobby? Waiting for the others cats of the house next to the litter tray and fling myself at them! 🙂 »

  • *** Ron ***


    Ron aime embêter sa sœur lapine … quel petit monstre 🙂

    « Hello. My name is Ron, I’m 6 months old and my hobby is to bother my rabbit sister. I run after her, I eat her hay, I drink her water and mostly, I love to play with her poop balls! »

  • *** LilyPuce ***


    Lily puce rend complètement maso ces maîtres 🙂

    « Hi! I’m LilyPuce, I like to pester my masters all day. I climb everywhere and break everything I can. Furthermore, at 10pm, I drive crazy, I run everywhere, jump and attack everything which is on my way. I mess things up in the house! My masters wil become nuts! »

  • *** Jazzy ***


    Cache-cache avec les chaussettes de sa maman ! 🙂

    « I’m Jazzy and I love to take the clean socks, then I hide them everywhere in the house. Mummy search them but I give them back one week later when mummy bought new ones 🙂 »

  • *** Pystache ***

    Pystache mérite bien sa pancarte de la honte mais avec cette bouille c’est vite pardonné non ? ^^

    « My name is Pystache and I deserve the shame photo because I rub my back full of poop on the bathroom carpet and on the clean towels! What? It’s done for that, right? I stink but I’m clean! »

  • *** Nina ***


    Mais quel caractère ! Mais quelle jolie princesse 🙂 

    « Hello. I’m the princess Nina, I have perfect hairs. I hate the other cats, they are uggly and they stink ! I have a contemptuous and haughty look 3/4 of the time »

  • *** Mascara ***


    Mais c’est qu’il est gourmand ce jeune chat 🙂

    « I’m Mascara, I’m one year old. I deserve my placard because when mum puts me on diet, I steal food ! Even chocolate cake !! »

  • *** Chatoune ***


    En voilà un très beau CV de chat 🙂

    « CV : Name : Cat chatoune – female – 6 months

    Features :

    – don’t do anything of her days

    – sleeps

    – sleeps

    – …

    – And I need a blanket !!! »



  • *** Havannah ***


    Havannah vole les gâteaux, les saucissons…. planquez tout ^^

    « I’m Havannah and the night, I steal the chocolate cake boxes! I rip open, I eat the half and I mash the rest on the kitchen floor with my paws. P.S.: if there is saucisson, I take too. »

  • *** Sony & Garfield ***


    Sony et Garfield sont des adeptes des aquariums 😀 !

    « We are Sony (5 yearsand a half old) and Garfield (2 years and a half old). We have a big water dish, but we prefer to drink in living-room aquarium. Even if our masters are around, we don’t care! 😀 »

  • *** Milly ***


    Milly grimpe aux arbres, mais seulement les plus hauts 🙂

    « Hello, I’m Milly and I like to climb trees with 15m height and not go down for 24 hours! »