*** Flache ***

5.Flache-pancarte-de-la-honte-chat-lolcat-betises 5.Flache-pancarte-de-la-honte-chat-lolcat-betises-2

A votre avis, pancarte ou pas pancarte ? 😀

« Shame Photo 2 : The return. After Flache (6 years) the lazy one, Flach on a diet… Her anger is heartless !! I’m hungry, veryyyyyy hungry !!! Who are those humans who force me to look into this bad bowl to move it to have my lovelyyyyyy croquetes ??? Do they topple in the dark side ? I almost have to do fitness, seriously ???

And they for force me to meow the day, before my nap, after my nap, in the middle of it and like a damned the night, I have to meow all the night because I’m so hungry !! I’m a poor cat of 7,5 KG. The depravities of a poor cat… So, shame photo or not ?? »

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